Ethiopia Update

Today I spoke with the leaders we support in Ethiopia. They explained about the current inflation which is Nationwide, unimaginable, and impossible to describe with words. One year ago 100 kg of flour cost 3,000 and now it is 5,500. One year ago 5 liters of oil cost 250 and now it’s 550. The same is true with soap and sugar. One year ago a hundred kg of maize corn was 700 and now it is 1,600. They see Harvesters reaping the maze corn but they are told that there is no Supply.

We talked about Joseph House orphanage. She said the director is very good and even though she is so young, she is so great, full of compassion, and has a mother’s heart for the children. She said the cashier and accountant are both very good and the nannies are wonderful. She is in touch with them frequently and loves to go visit them in and spend time encouraging them.

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