About Ethiopia

Touch the Nations began supporting vulnerable people in Ethiopia in 2012. We want to advocate for those who are doing significant work serving the needy in Ethiopia.

Our Practical Work

Two pediatric surgeons, Dr. Frehun Ayele and Dr. Dan Poenaru, provide life-transforming surgery for those who could otherwise not afford it. Katja met with them in 2015 and was inspired by their lifestyle of sacrifice and humility. She made 2 visits to their founding work in Kenya in the 1990's and has deep respect for this vital work.

Get Involved

Would you contribute toward a life transforming surgery in Ethiopia?

Would you provide monthly support or a one-time gift to a group of 36 children in the city of Adama?

  • A Widows & Orphans Home
  • An Ethiopian Guardian Family who will take in orphaned children
  • A Single Parent Family on the verge of collapse due to loss of parent, disease, poverty