The Newton Orphanage, which will house a new group of children in Sierra Leone, is nearing completion. All the metal security doors have now been properly installed, and we are now finishing up the final details such as ceilings; paint; purchase of furniture and bedding; plumbing, septic tanks, and rest rooms; and electrical.

We have also started construction of a small school building adjacent to the orphanage to ensure safety for the children. This is critical to prevent the children from needing to walk long distances to school in a district where rape and child snatching have been common over the years. Children in this community who are not orphans but want to attend the school will pay a small fee to raise funds to pay teachers and buy supplies to help run the school. The building is still under construction, but uniforms have been chosen and registration has begun.

Sample uniform for Newton Orphanage school
Sample uniform for Newton Orphanage school
In Progress - School Building for Newton Orphans
In Progress – School Building for Newton Orphans
Exterior - Newton Orphanage
Exterior – Newton Orphanage

To all those who have provided support for the school and the monthly care of the children, THANK YOU. The purpose of the orphanage and school will never lose its value, as they will be tools to protect the hearts and lives of vulnerable children.

We are still looking for additional people to sponsor a child in Newton. For just $35 each month, we can feed, shelter, and educate a child. If you would like to learn more, click “Get Involved” above.