During the early morning hours of Sunday, January 27, the central market in Burundi’s capital burned to the ground.  The market was the epicenter of the nation’s economy, and it will take time to recover.  Many of the widows who are supported through the ministry of Touch the Nations lost everything.

From Suzanne in Burundi:  “This terrible fire in Bujumbura brought big loss of lives and all merchandises that were stored in the central market. More than fifty thousand families here in Bujumbura were gaining their daily living from selling different items in that market. This unexpected terrible disaster has caused lot of losses on all levels of our nation. People who had loans from the banks, widows … are still shocked.”

If you wish to contribute specifically in response to this disaster, support can be directed to those directly affected by this loss.

Central market fire in Bujumbura
Photo Credit:  Jonathan O’Connor