212 students in Sierra Leone are currently on scholarship:

  • Kenema 25
  • Bo 20
  • Kono 20
  • Newton 17
  • Benguema 2
  • Lungi Amputee Camp 2
  • Lungi 6
  • Bo Amputee Camp 4
  • Kenema Amputee Camp 4
  • Makeni Amputee Camp 3
  • Kondie Farm School 43
  • Waterloo 10
  • Grafton, Pentagon, Kamayama, 46

Here are some of their pictures:

One of the students who has benefitted from the scholarship program writes: “I thank God for the scholarship that has helped me since 2007. My parents cannot afford to pay our school fees. We are five children. The only means of income for my parent is to break stones, granite or burn charcoals. Because of the scholarship I have been able to attend school without any interruption. I have passed every year. I am in 10th grade and I want to thank all those who send funds for myself and other children who cannot afford to go to school. God bless all of you.”