“On May 31st I ran in the BolderBoulder 10K… The BolderBoulder is one of the premier 10K road races in the world, with nearly 50,000 runners participating! It is a fun and exciting race through the picturesque streets of Boulder, CO.

As you run the 6.2 miles there are bands and dancers and gymnasts performing, people throwing marshmallows at you, squirt guns and sprinklers and a Slip N Slide, people sharing Doritos and popsicles… you hardly even realize you’re running a race! Several of my friends had run this race and had encouraged me to join them (although of course in the craziness of race day I never even saw them!) so I began training this spring.

As I was preparing for the race, I pulled out my Touch the Nations Racing for Africa t-shirt and thought “Hey, I can make this about something so much more than running a race!” So I got in touch with Katja and she gave me the thumbs up–all I did was send out a few emails and post a couple times on Facebook–it was amazing to see the response I got from people from all different times in my life. Friends from elementary school, family, former colleagues, and friends from my life today–I even had a donation from a woman who I don’t know at all–she had seen my post and felt led to donate. It was so awesome, and it reinforced my belief that no effort is too small to help others, because when you join in with a bunch of people with the same purpose, you can do big things!

I firmly believe in Touch The Nations’ motto to “Not withhold good from those who deserve it” because it IS within our power to act! It was a great experience, not just running but uniting the diverse people in my life behind a common cause–to help those in need in Africa.”