Update: Christmas in Burundi

From Suzanne:  “We rented a minibus which was circulated through different directions, picking up 128 street children and 22 street women with their children (not counted). All came to eat. We had also prepared, the day before, a small gift for each child to take with him or her, it was wonderful.” WE means the kids living at Bwiza Home orphanage…THEY served those who still live on the streets. Amazing. THANKS TO THE FAITHFUL SUPPORT TO TOUCH THE NATIONS which makes this possible!!!

From Katja:  It was wonderful to phone Burundi and hear the contagious laughter of my dear friend Suzanne. For Christmas, they told everyone at church to invite street children for a special Christmas meal. The children who are supported and live at Bwiza Home orphanage were able to invite those who have no home for Christmas. It was a beautiful thing!