Sierra Leone Update

Western Africa has been in the spotlight for months with the outbreak of Ebola.

Samuel Menyongar has been in the United States since July and is eagerly awaiting the all-clear from the airlines to return home. Samuel had opportunity to speak on many occasions in different states during this visit.  Large donations were given to help with the food and medical crisis back home.

Money was also given toward the expansion of Kondie Farm School. A latrine is also needed, as the current one serves over 200 students, the staff, as well as many families in the community who do not have toilet facilities. Services will also be expanded in the new medical clinic. Funds were given specifically to dig a well in Regent Village – a project that will change the life of the entire community.

Still in the aftermath of the War on Diamonds, the Newton Amputee Community needs $3,347 to complete the children’s home with electricity and plumbing. Sponsoring a child costs $35 per month. Better Way School in Newton can be completed for $3,126. This will cover doors, windows, cement, blocks, tables, chairs, blackboards and labor.