We have posted several times about the fire in the central market of Bujumbura, and how it has devastated the lives of the widows whom Touch the Nations supports. We’re excited to report from Suzanne in Burundi that a plan has been formed to help get the widows back on their feet:

I came home very late and tired, I have passed all day in the meeting with women coming from different denominations. We made decision of trying to make busy all those women in our group who lost their businesses in the burned market in order not to be traumatized. As the reconciliers, we said that we should do something which could bring an impact in the country, because we are not called to cry like others.

Because the government has moved the market very far from the city, near Cotebu, …we decided to start a Mini – Market in the city where people will come to buy vegetables at the regular prices. We want to make a difference.

The plan is as follows: A market will be opened in Bujumbura to sell fruits, vegetables and other items. Goods will be purchased from the widows so that they can continue feeding their children. They will sell the goods at honest prices to provide a good testimony of not cheating the poor just because of the difficult situation in the country.

Suzanne and her team formed small groups: The first group of 3 women is charged to purchase articles, another group will sell in the shop, another will manage logistics and do the accounting, and a final group will make soap for the widows to sell in their neighborhoods.

Touch the Nations is excited to report that thanks to a generous donation this week, we already have the funds to help the shop to get off the ground. If you would like to join us in this work which has already started, please click the “Donate” button or send an email to info@touchthenations.com