Meet the Boys Part 6

Brody: His parents were killed during the civilian war and he was left by himself. He was less than 10 years old and became a street kid. One concerned man brought him to me and as he was so young, I put him in the home with the other young ones. After five months, he ran away because someone hurt him. He went back in the street. After a couple of months, he came back looking for me. He told me what happened, I hugged him and promised him that he would stay with other boys at the home. Today he has grown up and started school one week ago. He is so proud of his school. He is happy, and he is the joy of the group.

Wyatt: His mother died when she was giving birth. Then he and a brother were brought to another orphanage until they were older. The boys were sent back to their original home, but their step mother was not happy to have them, because she had her own children. She abused them physically and emotionally. Their father told them that he couldn’t do anything. One of them started to behave in bad way, and Wyatt understood that his step mother did something bad to his brother. He ran away for his life, came to the city and became a street kid. He was living there until the other children here saw him and invited him to come to eat with them.

We have used many strategies in order to bring him home and he is still the most difficult child that I have seen. He has ran away a couple of times, and has stolen from others a few times. Yesterday, we saw him and he promised to come back today, but he didn’t come. I am wondering when our patience will work… we are praying for him.

(Their names have been changed.)