Meet the Boys Part 3

Noah: He lost his father while his family went to a neighboring country as refugees, and when the family came back to Burundi he ran from the refugee camp and became a street child. He came to the home with the first children. He is studying well and is an exceptional young man.

Anthony: An orphan from both parents, his mother died when she was giving birth, and his father died two months after. They both died from V.H.S. He came in 2007, is studying well, and is a joy to the home.

Aiden: An orphan from both parents. He came in 2008 and is an ex-street child because he didn’t get any place to stay after he lost his parents. He was brought by a pastor in that Province. The process to make him laugh like the others took a long time, but now he is happy and sings in the choir at church. He is studying very well even though he is older and taller than others in his class.

The names have been changed to protect the boys’ identities.