Touch the Nations: Ethiopia Surgery changed the life of this young boy named Shoayb. His mother traveled 975 km from Somalia in hopes of getting help. Photo 1 before 3rd surgery. Photo 2 after 3rd surgery. Full story below.

“Patient Shoayb is a cute boy who is outgoing and playful. He loves to ride bikes and he loves playing soccer. He is the sixth child in the house. His father is not working and his mom works on their small vegetable farm for their living. She is a strong woman who works hard and feeds the family. She said “In our culture it is the woman who works and feeds the family. Usually the men don’t work.”
Her strength is more visible when people learned all her commitment to get her boy the necessary treatment. She made a decision to travel all away from Puntland, Somalia, which is 975 km by bus to get him the necessary treatment. They couldn’t find a hospital who gives the right surgical procedure for his condition near to where they live. She collected money from their family and their community for transportation and for his medical care. On their arrival to our hospital she learned the boy needs three surgical procedures. She spend all the money they brought from home on transportation, accommodation and his two surgeries. She no longer affords for the third procedure and this got them worried. This is where Touch the Nations’ financial support came in, allowing surgeons from BethanyKids to operate and change Shoayb’s life.
Shoayb was born with a birth urethra defect called Hypospadia. Shoayb and his mom were psychologically affected because of Gossip spread about his condition in the village. His mom was always worried and concerned because of his condition finding it so hard to get him treatment and finding it hard to believe his condition is curable. But at the same time she had hope that he will get proper medical care. Shoayb surgery proceeded as planned and was successful. His mother can now walk head high in her neighborhood since the condition her neighbors gossiped about is all a history.
She said “As it is hard to believe my boy will heal, I believed my baby will be as normal as any other kids. I came all away from Puntland by car with this hope. And now I believe he will go to school and get education and become a doctor. I believe he will help children in a same condition as he was. I believe he will support me, his family and his community. ”

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