ETHIOPIA: Celebrating Successful Surgery Supported by Touch the Nations: Yunusa, age 3. His father, a school teacher, said, “When I come from Gambia, His mom and myself really didn’t think that he will get back alive because he was very sick. The whole family was crying a lot when we said good bye.” Yunusa was born with difficulty of defecation called Hirsprung diseases. He has abnormally functioning segment of bowel. The dad said “It was really difficult for him. We did everything we could. We went to many hospitals in Gambia and then in Senegal but we sent home lacking the service. We went to traditional doctors but he couldn’t get the necessary treatment. It was frustrating and very sad. We spend all our saving for his treatment and finally we set home looking for sponsorship and hoping for a miracle.

Yunusa got colostomy creation and pulled through. His belly was swelling when he come. And he was always crying. He couldn’t eat much. But after the surgery his belly become normal and he start to eat well. He became a happy boy who talk and laugh.

Yunusa’s father said, “When I reach Ethiopia, I did not know what to expect. But I find everything perfect. The accommodation, the medical service, the people who served us, everything was good. Yunusa is now a healthy boy. And this is a big relief for us. And I am so grateful for it.”

The embassy of Gambia was also thankful for his successful surgery.


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