Touch the Nations is excited to announce that we are building a new orphanage in Sierra Leone. This new facility (the Bonnie Seigel Childrens’ Home), which will house the youngest victims of the Ebola crisis, is being constructed next to the Kondie Farm School. For the first time, we are partnering with Global Giving to help spread the word about this project and raise funds.

From March 16-28, Touch the Nations will participate in the Global Giving Challenge, an incredible opportunity! To pass the challenge, during those 2 weeks at least 40 people must contribute through the link below and we must raise a minimum of $5,000. If we ‘pass the test’ in raising those funds, we can continue to post TTN projects on the Global Giving site, reaching a much wider audience. At this time, any Ebola related project shared on Global Giving has been fully funded.

Click here: to learn more about this exciting project and to participate in the Global Giving Challenge, which begins Monday, March 16th.