Meet the Boys Part 4

Mason: His mother had him alone and very young.  She brought him very far from her own family into the countryside and left him there.  She came back to her family acting like a young girl and got a husband like other girls.  She became the mother of another boy who is at the home, and died giving birth. Mason continued to grow up and study without knowing that he has a brother somewhere, until a few years ago the family who raised him up told him that they couldn’t keep him anymore.  After hearing all the truth, he started to look for his brother.  That is how he came to the home. We are so happy to have Mason at the home.  He also sings in the choir at church. He needs help because he doesn’t see well in his class.

Logan: He was born in a neighboring country while his family were refugees in yet another country.  His mother died in there.  Then his father came back with his two sons and asked his mother to raise up his children.  When that grand-mother died, Logan and his brother went back to his father but his wife refused them.  Their father refused to pay their secondary school fees and many problems started.  A pastor  brought Logan’s case while he was running everywhere to get a job.  He was brought to the home and has gone back to school.  Today, he is so happy.

Landon: A brother to Joseph.  He is also an orphan.  He came to the home last year with his sister from their refugee camp in very bad condition.  They escaped death in the country, and everybody who saw the situation in the camp at that time tried to do something to help.  He is now in Secondary school and studies well.

The names have been changed to protect the boys’ identities.