Celebrating 2011 and looking forward to the future

We had a hugely successful year at Touch the Nations.  We are grateful to all who made this possible in 2011:

  • You helped us send a forty-foot shipping container of donations for all 6,000 amputees across several camps in Sierra Leone (Ship Hope to Africa)
  • Your generosity allowed us to build a new building for the Kondie Farm School in Sierra Leone
  • Your donations enabled us to make plans for an orphanage in one of the amputee camps
  • You are helping us to provide clean drinking water to thousands of people – we are now digging water wells #10 and #11
  • You are supporting 35 orphans each month at Bwiza Home in Burundi
  • Your funds are allowing us to continue construction of a mini-Boystown in Burundi
  • You helped us to distribute rice to widows, war wounded, our volunteers, and other needy people in Sierra Leone

As we move into 2012, we are hoping to sponsor more children at the orphanages, provide scholarships for boys and girls in Sierra Leone to receive an education, dig more wells, and expand micro-loans and vocational training for widows.  We hope to find funding to help support women in farming in the towns of Cibitoke (Chibee-toe-kay) and Makamba. In the area called Kanyosha, part of the capital city, Suzanne (our partner in Burundi) has a property that has been set up with training schools in bakery, sewing, carpentry and first aid. We would like to find a way to keep the Kanyosha property running and develop a program so that those who were trained can contribute their time so the next set of people can receive training.

95% of all donations go directly to Africa.   Please consider what you can do in 2012 to help us TOUCH THE NATIONS.

Heartfelt thanks!!!